Breville Juicers - Popular Choice In The Worldwide Market Place

It was John O'Brian, who founded the Breville Research and Development Center in 1972 and it was this research that gave us the first ever sandwich maker. Since then, Breville have never stopped researching and providing innovative appliances for the kitchen.

It is the companies great ability to combine innovation with great design that has made them such a popular choice in the worldwide market place. The range of Breville Juicers are a perfect example of their success.

Juice Fountain Compact BJE 200 XL

A tidy, compact juicer, weighing less than 8lbs, and one of Breville's most economical units, retailing at around $99. It has a large feed tube, making chopping and dicing un-necessary for lots of the popular fruits and vegetables. The compact does not lack cutting power despite it's size, the 700watt motor is capable of juicing pineapple with the rind on (equal to many of the more expensive models). The sturdy polymer body is a breeze to clean and all the parts are easy to assemble and dishwasher safe. A great little juicer for those on a budget.

Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL

Retailing at around $150 and weighing under 10lbs. The powerful, professional grade, motor can cut through large pineapple chunks with the rind on. There are only four, rounded parts that are dishwasher safe and designed to eliminate problematic food traps. It has a wipe clean Polymer body, with a stainless steel filter and blade. Juicing vegetables and fruits is made easy with duel speed options.

Ikon Multi Speed Juice Fountain BJE510XL

An extremely adaptable machine with 5 speed control and a sturdy 900watt motor. This juicer has a stainless steel body that would grace any kitchen and weighs less than 11lbs. Easy clean with a stainless steel and titanium filter basket that is top shelf dishwasher safe. The Juice Fountain has a some handy features, including a large feed which eliminates the need for messy chopping, and also cuts preparation times. If you have children around the safety arm could be particularly important for you, it stops the juicer functioning without being locked. A good, medium budget, juicer for around $200

Juice fountain Elite 800JEXL