Driving Traffic With Classified Ads in the Market Place

Business promotion by way of online classified ads is fast gaining in popularity, as the use of Internet grows tremendously year after year. More and more potential customers are surfing the Internet Market Place seeking various kinds of information and entertainment sources. In the process of their surfing through various websites and search engines, it is easy for them to come across online classified advertisements.

Secondly, there is a certain kind of customers who are actually looking for online classified ads in the search of getting good bargains. Sometimes, the search engines serve as yellow page directories, if the customer is looking for a particular product or service that he cannot find easily anywhere. In all these situations, classified ads help the business to connect with its potential customers.

Online classified ads through and online market place are an effective way to increase the sales of your products or services, whether online or even offline. But the marketer must take care of certain basic issues in order to create a successful online classified advertisement that helps to achieve its sales targets:

Ad Format

The classified advertisement must be eye-catching in its design, layout and format. It is important to have a catchy headline. Without a good headline, the ad may not attract the attention of the readers easily. It is critical to differentiate yourself from the clutter of classified ads that are present on the same page along with your advertisement.

Ad Content

The advertiser must try to ensure that the body of the classified ad is not too bulky, lengthy or too much wordy. The choice of words must be simple and clear. The message must be presented in a concise manner, and leaving no room for doubts or confusions in the mind of the reader. Reader's time is very limited, and a boring ad will not be read in full by most of the readers. Importantly, while making a sales pitch about the benefits of the product, it is usually better to focus on one or two very strong benefits that can drive home the point effectively, instead of giving details of too many benefits that may dilute the impact of the message.

Ad Positioning