Faneuil Market Place - Where the Old Mingles With the New

The Faneuil Market Place has been part of Boston's historical landscape for centuries. Once completely rundown, this area has now been transformed into a shopping hub and a vibrant gathering spot for locals.

Though French in name the market place was once named by Forbes Traveller as one of 25 most visited sites in America. The satire of the area is constantly changing to attract the attention of its foreign as well as local visitors.

To date what stands as part of the original Faneuil Hall dates back to 1742, and the lower floors of the building provide visitors with an idea of its once active retail history. The building in the center is where the Quincy Market Colonnade is situated and it's also here that tourist could feast on a selection of confectionaries and local cuisine.

A highlight of the Faneuil Market Place is the famed grasshopper weather vane. There are many stories that surround this little feature including one where knowledge of the weather vane was used as a test to distinguish between spies during America's revolutionary period. Spies would be asked to name the object on Faneuil Hall. Those who couldn't answer correctly were convicted as spies. Historically the site is also the place where famous speeches by Samuel Adams were made and is included as a stop on the tour called the 'Freedom Trail'.

Shopping for souvenirs is absolutely ideal, as many shops offer plenty of options. The restaurants and bars that line the marketplace are more often than not bustling with people. The site is also a good place to observe and become familiar with local customs and lingo.