Five Tips To Find Best Deals For Dubai Shopping Festival

The internationally famous Dubai Shopping Festival will be in its 18th year in 2013. It will be held from 3rd January 2013 to 3rd February 2013. Apart from providing exciting shopping opportunities, the festival also includes events like international music concerts, fashion shows and sport events. This festival attracts thousands of shopping lovers from all over the world. If you are planning to take maximum advantage from Dubai Shopping Festival 2013, read this article to get a few tips about finding best deals for this highly acclaimed event.

Check online travel sites

Online travel websites like offer good deals on your travel and stay in Dubai during the shopping festival. Book early and you can get some attractive discounts. The airlines and the hotels in Dubai try to take advantage of the festival for increasing their business. That is why they form alliance with travel websites offering whooping discounts on the packages. You need to explore the website to find the best deal for Dubai Shopping Festival 2013.But, make sure you check the terms and conditions of the deal well to know all the details about it.

Contact your travel agent

Many international travel agents have close association with the famous hotels in Dubai. You can get a good deal on the shopping packages offered by them. Ask your travel agent if he can offer you any such deals during the shopping festival in Dubai. If the agency has a branch in Dubai, the chances of finding better deals are higher. Many hotels in Dubai also provide good deals during the festival. You will know about those from the Dubai branch of your travel agency.

Ask your Guide in Dubai

If you are looking for the best deals for shopping in Dubai, your guide will be the best person. Being a local, he has information about all small shops which can offer better discounts than the bigger brands in any mall. So ask your guide where you can find a good bargain for electronics items or designer clothes. The small shops do not have to incur huge expenses on marketing and promotion. So you may explore a very good shopping deal. Consult your guide before you purchase any branded ornaments or sportswear as he may know some place offering a better deal on these items.

Look for coupons online

Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 is going to be a grand international event. The promotion for it has already started. Try your luck finding coupons for the festival online. There are reputed which provides interesting deals throughout the year. Buy a coupon for Dubai Shopping Festival spending a little amount. That coupon will help you getting good deals on your flight to Dubai or stay at a famous hotel in Dubai.

Check out the promotional materials of the festival