Market Place Ministry

Life of a Christian cannot and is not meant to be lived in isolation. The world around us, the way of life, culture of people, disappointments of people, encouragements of people are part of our daily lives.

God called out - to use men to bring a change/revolution.

The interaction is meant to be manifesting, manifestation cannot happen in isolation. Unbelievers need us - we are to be a solution vessel to them - solving the problem of poverty, suffering and injustice.

Market place ministry has been a ministry under great attack as believers thought they could only manifest in a targeted spiritual environment instead of everywhere where interaction takes place. Great men have no restriction to where they manifest God.

What is Market Place Ministry

Market Place Ministry is flowing the life of God to men. As interaction takes place, impact life that maximise every relationship by fulfilling God's purpose in them.

Ministry Without Limitation

It involves bringing our faith into our work, family, career, daily life, relationship, etc.

Where does Market Place Ministry Occurs

Everywhere the believer is - physically and otherwise.

Key Issues in Market Place Ministry

Market Place Ministry - bringing divine gift and build up character into practical display in a decay society

Building strong spirit that survive challenges of culture around you

- Strong biblical values

What are you make of? 2 Cor. 5:14

Display of exceptional positive lifestyle

- Discipline

- Attitude

- Character

- Personal Brand

What are you known for? - Joseph

Converting every make-up through divine wisdom to solve practical problem in workplace

God can be brought to every thing

Using divine process to bring life to dying situation instead of complaining

Impact Driven Life

- Life of Sacrifice

- Selfless Services

- Passion for excellence

- Perseverance

- Forgiving Spirit - 2 Cor. 6:3

Acceptable Divine Risk

- Moving into the realm of impossibility because God of possibility has spoken

- Willingness to die because I am fulfilling God purpose on God's side

- Manifesting life of God - obedience in a hard time - Daniel

What are We Saving?

People of faith must learn to be comfortable, valuable and intentional in two worlds - the world of the kingdom and commercial, faith and work. A faith that has no touch is a dying faith - not effective and without any result

If you cannot be a Christian where you are, you cannot be a Christian at all

Calling is God's personal invitation for me to work on His agenda, using the talents I have been given in ways that are eternally significant

- Where I go

- Who I met

- The relationship around me


Samaritan's example - Lk. 10:30-37

All men walking by need but few take the exit of serving. Living a life makes making a living a ministry.

People all around us are suffering, in poverty, hurting, needy, exploited, judgment of the enemy, injustice, falling, abandoned, etc. Wide spread ministry's opportunities around us.

Many think on day they would be in ministry without recognizing they are already in ministry.


Too busy with a focus

Selfishness - if both hands are on me, there is no hand to extend to others

I have been burned by people before - relationship burns can deaden our sense of emotional touch and empathetic feeling towards others, leaving us cold and hard

I have a plan, focus, vision with time limit

I am afraid to get involved - causing unnecessary warfare to myself

Why taking the first step, somebody else can do it - it is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one's neighbor

I will do it later