New Franchisors in Market Place Need to Watch Out for Lawyers

There are so many pitfalls for new franchisors in the market place such as required mandatory disclosures, state registration rules and franchise disclosure documents. Often Franchising Regulatory bodies make it tough to get a hold of this information and Lawyers charge for it and charge to help you comply. Worse off some lawyers will try to turn you in to state regulatory bodies if you do not properly comply with every tiny minute detail. This is really unfortunate indeed. Why you ask?

Well it just seems that there are a lot of young and naive franchisors out there and a lot of people who really really want what they have to offer. And yet with the costs, mix-matched set of laws and all the rules, it makes it tough on them to get going.

Additionally if lawyers can write a letter to the NY State Franchise Registar and get satisfaction and a normal franchisor individual cannot call their offices, then it seems that the lawyers have hijacked the law and you have to hire one to talk to the NY offices in order to find out the rules you see? A disclosure document should be a 3-4 page form is all, not 235 pages of information, with more information than your competitors could ever dream of having, sold online to anyone from China who wants it?