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States United States 4 fourth shop shop shopping district south to surround the second oil cut the r   by himfr

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   Business district in Shenzhen Nanshan

States United States

Second only to the status and role of Huaqiang North. In accordance with the country the United States for the next phase of the "shopping district strategy", Gome in Nanshan layout of the fourth pieces chess pieces?? Southern oil store, will be after the sea-stores, south store, university shop together on the Nanshan appliance market will encirclement, Gome in Shenzhen the second-largest business district in a strong position has been established.

Gradual prosperity, Nanshan District, has been allowed after became Shenzhen Huaqiang North, following the second-largest home appliance business district, its status is one of many commercially important business for all to see. Here assembled many large household appliances manufacturers, with such a high-tech science park base, and high-density high-grade residential quarters, the consumer has a great potential.

States United States after the announcement of a strategic adjustment of the national divisions have begun to store specializing in work as a first priority. South Oil Shop is an important business district of Shenzhen States United States the "central stores" one of the key development has been cultivating as stores, stores in the United States fully shown the country's commodity prices, the environment, services, and professional advantages

Appliance Retail



Hit the market with the recent crazy Fanquan different countries still insist on their return to the United States is straight down style, to lead the industry point to the subject of unwavering style boss. It is understood that States United States this week


, Refrigerator, washing machine,

Air conditioning

Package sale, in addition to Pratt & Whitney, gifts outside the 88-488's






, Precious stones,


Shenzhen is the first appearance package back to the country the United States, so Pengcheng consumers to enjoy the most direct benefits; internet store "1" yuan


Several thousand color TV, air conditioning,


So readily available. Another country again, the U.S. membership appreciation of intimate shopping for consumers to enjoy.

In addition, the country this week, major U.S. air-season


Great efforts are unprecedented, none other as much as the amount reached 1,000,000. In support of the Shenzhen-season hot air do the work, the national headquarters of special approval from the U.S. segment increased 20% in Shenzhen


Resource limits, pulling air conditioning sales. It is understood that the audience in this country the United States will be fully air-conditioned product price cuts, price cuts range up to 30%, as a commodity of accessories is also value-added gift of 10%. "The temperature is dropping, the national U.S. on the air conditioner, heater, heating