The Latest Trends In Online Shopping

The internet is constantly evolving. Just ten years ago it was a separate entity with no effect on traditional brick and mortar business. Today, as many consumers have transferred their shopping habits to the online arena, traditional storefronts are evolving and getting in on the online shopping trend.

New trends in online shopping appear to be emerging all the time. First there were online catalogues. Next there were online shopping carts. Then came virtual dressing rooms and assistants. It seems almost impossible to imagine what will come next, but examining the latest trends in online shopping might shed some light on the trends of the future.

Mobile Shopping Apps

The smartphone market is booming right now. 75% of the population now own smartphones and use them for just about everything in their daily lives, including shopping. Smartphone apps are now used for coupon codes, price comparisons and much more. New Apps are coming out every day, and savvy consumers are using them for great shopping discounts and convenience daily.

Buying Online and Picking Up In Store

This has been a popular online trend for a while now. Just about every big name store is implementing this in their stores. Shoppers no longer have to uncomfortably shop in busy stores. Instead they just comfortably purchase what they want online then go pick it up in the store at their convenience.

Deal Sites

Deals sites are populating the internet at a lightning pace. Each day more and more such sites spring up online. It is a booming business concept and online shoppers eat it up. Getting targeted daily deals to delivered straight to their inbox makes shopping easier than ever before.


As soon as businesses figured out how to use Facebook to promote their brand it took online shopping to another level. Now businesses utilize Facebook pages to offer discounts, gather e-mail addresses, and advertise sales. This evolution of a social media is sure to continue and evolve for years to come.

Customer Generated Content

More and more stores are utilizing the power of video to skyrocket sales. Many companies are now using videos of customers showcasing their products and giving product testimonials. Businesses are realizing how powerful this marketing strategy is and video marketing is really taking off.